Wednesday’s news items [weather warning; rats bailing; snowy day things to do; a Death Cafe] – 3/7/2018

“Governor Wolf Announces Additional Preparedness Efforts, Enhanced Staffing for Winter Storm”

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Closings & DelaysLancaster Online

Closings & DelaysWGAL-TV8

Yep, Columbia Schools did | “Music for Everyone awards more than $112,000 in grants to local schools and organizations”Lancaster Online

“Eight ways to introduce kids to STEM at an early age”The Hechinger Report

Yummm! | “Our Favorite Snow Day Activity plus Recipe for Apple Fritters with Drizzled Glaze”Frugal Lancaster

Comcast says: “most customers will automatically be upgraded to the new speeds and will simply need to restart their modems.”Central Penn Business Journal

Overkill? Wonder how friendly fire happens?| “Gunman in deadly U.S. marshals task force raid was shot 18 times”Penn Live

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Another one going – even rats have limits | Top economic advisor quitsFinancial Times

In Lebanon County | ” … fire company’s problems with alcohol are more serious and more frequent than previously explained … ”The Lebanon Daily News

Nobody Knows How Many Kids Get Caught With Guns in School. | Here’s Why.”Route 50

Some people try to blame everything on detached family issues | “Burning the midnight oil: Forty-three percent of children in the United States live with a parent who works outside the typical Monday through Friday, daytime hours.” – US Census Bureau

Courageous, “do-the-right-thing” council | “Munhall council votes to advance plans for a public park instead of selling the Waterfront-adjacent parcel”Public Source

Smucker gets an “A” | “A+ to F: Here’s how the NRA rates your legislators”The Lebanon Daily News

Idea for a snowy day, have a long read | “‘Corporations Are People’ Is Built on an Incredible 19th-Century Lie”The Atlantic

lte policy.gifNot happening. On February 21, LNP – Always Lancaster included the above notice on its letters-to-the-editor page. Note: some letter writers get exemptions.

B-w-a-a-h | Slimeball mayor breaks laws, gets convicted – now wants citizens to bail him outThe Morning Call

Do your kids a favor: get rid of your stuff | “Your Top 10 Objects Your Kids Don’t Want”next avenue

Long Community DC March 2018

PhotoSo even Pennsylvania’s GOP Senator is complaining about corporate welfare in his constituent e-letter: “I had the chance to meet with President Trump this week to voice my concerns about how the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which forces American motorists to use corn-based ethanol, is jeopardizing thousands of jobs at Pennsylvania’s refineries.

“The RFS forces refineries to buy unaffordable “Renewable Identification Number (RIN)” credits. RINs have no intrinsic value; they serve only as a compliance mechanism for the Renewable Fuel Standard.

“Ideally, we would abolish the obsolete, counterproductive RFS regime altogether as it is a blatant, corporate welfare program for the ethanol industry. Failing that, we must, at least, reform this system to provide needed relief for refineries in Pennsylvania.

“I appreciate the President’s constructive leadership to fix the broken RINs system and am hopeful a solution that works for all interested parties can be found.”

Recall, Senator Pat Toomey is the guy who tried to insert his “pet projects” into the recent tax bill. And he’s always partial to health care interests.




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