On Thursday [the day after the non-storm; Power Ball; google’s celebration & more] – 3/8/2018

WEATHER BUST | Talked with an educator yesterday who agreed that the weather forecast was an absolute bust. At the educator’s school there was no school, though everyone in that district was apprised of the closing by email and the notice at the district’s website. The weather forecasters were way off for our area but to the east it was a snow event.

powerballDarn! Saw the sign driving to York last night and decided to buy a couple PowerBall tix. Needless to say, didn’t win again. The prize moves up to $385,000,000. We’d have been quite content with the $350,000,000 advertised on the sign last night.

What? The Police Chief attends meetings! | “West Hempfield Township police Chief Mark Pugliese gave a monthly and annual police report. Overall, he said, the department has a clearance rate of about 90 percent for violent crimes, and around 25 percent for property crimes. Asked why the clearance rate for property crimes is so much lower, Pugliese explained the nature of these sometimes small, impulsive crimes, for which little evidence may exist, and other challenges, saying the department’s clearance rate is pretty much in line with national averages.” – from the MUNICIPAL BRIEFS about West Hempfield Township’s superviors’ monthly meeting in LNP – Always Lancaster

Clearance on this incident – from the POLICE LOG in LNP – Always Lancaster: “WEST HEMPFIELD TWP.: Thomas Greg Wright, 44, and Jennifer O. Droege, 44, both of Columbia, were charged after they were found Feb. 22 in a car along Old Chickies Hill Road at Chickies County Park after park hours, police said.”

Losing our Rite-Aid | “Rite Aid close to wrapping up store sales to Walgreens”Central Penn Business Journal


Help is right here in Columbia | “Family First Health’s Center of Excellence provides patients with substance use disorders with the comprehensive support they need to reach, and maintain recovery.”

How’s this happen? | “Remediation and demolition of the Yorktowne Hotel are underway as the cost of the overall renovation project, which carried an initial price tag of $20 million, has now topped $30 million.” – Central Penn Business Journal

Seriously, how can a project escalate by 50% and then get $10 million from the state to help cover costs.

googleGoogle’s wondrous celebration of events around the globe and through history are incredible. Click on google.com and take the mini-journeys through each of the icons and also click here to view a short video on International Women’s Day.

Ultimate RWNJ – Listened to Rush Limbaugh briefly yesterday – enough to remind us why we don’t subscribe to those on either pole of the political spectrum. His borderline insane rants are fire-stokers for otherwise rational persons. A whining tirade because Michael Flynn is losing his house because of legal fees due to the “injustice” of his lying to investigators and selling his weight to foreign powers. Let’s remember this is a former US Army general who broke every one of the officers code. A former general with no scruples!

Interesting, on-point & (some) thoughtful | The 250-word count rule is gaining traction at LNP – Always Lancaster’s letters-to-the-editor page. Thankfully.

Bad basketball | “A 93-7 rout and a host of concerns after a blowout high school girls playoff game”The Boston Globe

Jaywalking arrest gone awry on video | “FBI has opened official investigation into Asheville police beating”The Ashville Citizen


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