Saturday’s news & views [Part 2 – downtown development; sunshine & more] – 3/17/2018

That’s why it’s called “Madness” | No. 1 seed trouncedNPR

Tough fighting the GOBAGs | Lebanon’s Business Improvement District leader has resigned. You may recall that Kelly Withum, the person who has been credited with Lititz’s resurgence, went to Lebanon just over a year ago to take a similar challenge in Lebanon.

In this Lebanon Daily News article, is this: “However, there have been skeptics who doubt a BID can accomplish downtown revitalization in Lebanon. Some downtown Lebanon business owners fought the creation of the BID, which is funded by a fee charged to downtown property owners.”

lebanon lititz

Eeriely, earlier this month, this Lebanon Daily News article may have been a harbinger for Withum’s decision: “‘Slow start’?: After first year, supporters urge patience for Lebanon’s downtown BID”

Bringing back a downtown is a lot like losing weight – it takes a long time to lose weight and it takes a plan, behavioral modification, focus and complete buy-in. Superficial “window dressing” is not part of the plan.

quizThis quiz (above) on the editorial page of LNP – Always Lancaster is worth the price of the newspaper.

Same crime BUT different sentence | “Student charged with making terroristic threats speaks upon release from York County Prison”FOX43-TV

Unequal justice for all | “The violence revealed ‘a failure of one of government’s core functions — the protection of fundamental rights,’ the report asserted. ‘Law enforcement also failed to maintain order and protect citizens from harm, injury, and death.’” – NPR

OPINION: “Transparency is the only way to hold government accountable” – A column published in The Lewistown Sentinel and other Pennsylvania newspapers

“Why the real defenders of the second amendment oppose the NRA” The Guardian

uh-rahSOURCE: LNPAlways Lancaster “Military News”

Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch NOTICE | “2018 STREET SWEEPING SEASON BEGINS 3/19/18”

Can it get worse? Only every day in Wonderland!| “Andrew McCabe, ex-FBI deputy and Trump target, fired days before retiring”The Guardian

soldiers medal

Higher in precedence than the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, the Soldiers medal is awarded to “to any member of the Armed Forces who while serving with the Army distinguishes themselves by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy.”

This American hero can wear the Soldiers Medal | “A forgotten hero stopped the My Lai massacre 50 years ago today.”






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