Saturday’s news & views [part 1] – 3/17/2018

Congratulations!Nehem Felices won the 60th annual LNP Spelling Bee on Friday night – by correctly spelling the word ‘kiloton’ … ” – from a page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Wonder whether “correct spelling” ought to be a test of American citizenship? If it was, there’d be a bunch of facebook deportees!


How long would you wait?

Odds are your tolerance and willingness to wait are predicated on your perception of worth or value on what you’re waiting for.

Would you wait an hour or more for some unknown person to come to an appointed meeting to try to convince you to buy pie-in-the-sky with nothing tangible and only haphazardly, unprepared words to share with you?

Highly unlikely, huh! Yeah, we thought so.


fake news

“False stories crop up on voter fraud after Pa. special election”WITF

What happens when you call the state? It goes to voicemail: State: Voicemail about cracks 2 days before bridge fell” Lancaster Online

Who says criminals, abusers, scam artists and just plain bad folks can’t find jobs? There’s always a spot in Pennsylvania’s legislature.

largest boroughsThere’s always hope. The publisher of the publications listed above is Steinman Communications – Steinman Communications is the publisher of LNP – Always Lancaster. LNP will host the next in its series of community drop-ins from 6-8 p.m. March 20 in the library in Columbia High School, 901 Ironville Pike, Columbia.

  • Ephrata’s population … 13,833
  • Elizabethtown’s population … 11,629
  • Columbia’s population … 10,359
  • Lititz’s population … 9,210
  • Mount Joy’s population … 8,104

Compare the demographics of the largest (and fastest-growing) boroughs in the county, click here.

Could this be the big ’un? | Weather forecaster chatter warns us about another Nor’easter coming sometime around Tuesday. No big deal, the Farmer’s Almanac predicted that over a year ago. “The Farmers’ Almanac also is ‘red-flagging’ the 2018 dates of … March 20-23 along the Atlantic Seaboard for some heavy precipitation.”

Long-time Lancaster Countians remember: Over the years March has produced some humdingers.


OPINION – “Trump has just put the country’s economic fate in the hands of the man who has arguably been more publicly and consistently wrong about the economy than any person alive.” – from this Dana Milbank column



  1. The hemp growing discussion during Monday night’s council meeting continued at a committee meeting Thursday night. For all intents and purposes, the Thursday evening Community Development meeting was over, nothing more was on the agenda and it should have been adjourned at that point. The committee however waited and waited for a young man who was to bring a proposal regarding use of an acre of borough farmland to grow hemp. He arrived one hour and fifteen minutes after the meeting began, with nothing to present. If this venture has merit and is so very time sensitive, why arrive late and ill prepared to move forward? I am certain that this kind of tolerance and consideration would be given to no one else.

  2. Is this the same gentleman that put proposals in for the beet farm and hydroponic system in the Market House? Why are the Borough Officials catering too such a poorly planned company?

    • That’s quite a memory you’ve got there.

      Did a little internet research and in checking official Borough minutes from the October 10, 2016 meeting, the name of the person who made that aquaponics system for the Market House presentation is Robert Irwin.

      However in the minutes from the September, 2016 Public Property Committee Meeting Minutes, this New Business item appears: “The committee heard a presentation by Cullen Farrell, Chris Sweeney, and Robert Irwin outlining their concept to incorporate a hydroponic vertical garden in the Market House, as well as a plan to utilize the Borough Farm with more traditional farming methods. They provided background about how a hydroponic garden would benefit our market, as well as preliminary financials. They agreed to present to full council at the October 10th meeting.”

      Also, Columbia Spy carried this article about that meeting; there were numerous comments following the article.

      In this article, the mayor and others fawned on the idea.

      Columbia news, views & reviews reported only this about the “pie-in-the-sky” idea:

      “A couple days ago, we posted this item; this idea was floated at the council meeting:

      “The agenda was displayed on the newly-installed flat-screen monitor; additionally the pitch for an aquaponics experiment proposal at the Market House was shown.”

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