Friday opinion [it’s all about control] – 3/16/2018

Outrage! That is what we feel about the decisions of the insecure leaders of schools who impeded with the students Walkout March yesterday. True to their “protect the status quo.”

Where is the passion of the 60s? Gone forever, we fear, because of the establishment those comfortable at the top in any part of the spectrum.


School superintendents, politicians, too, hang your heads because you deny the fervor and hope of youth. In youth there often is truth. It is only when the establishment gets old, tired, comfortable and – ever fatter at the trough – that it crushes youth and the cries for change and eradicating injustice.

It is always about control, isn’t it?

“More than 200 Lancaster County students face disciplinary action for leaving building, campus during National School Walkout day”Lancaster Online

The LNP – Always Lancaster editorial today echoes the rights of peaceful protest. One of the comments following the above article says it well: ‘Take the “‘punishment’ as a badge of civil disobedience! You’re doing the right thing.”


One comment

  1. People who affect the status quo are often called such things as terrorists and revolutionaries by “leaders” who tell us that everything is fine and not to rock the boat. In this case, the school principals and superintendents don’t want the students to have any voice whatsoever. They want the students to be shielded from what is really happening in the outside world.

    How can our leaders of tomorrow become good leaders if they remain “shielded” from society? If I were to grade what these school leaders are doing, I would give them an F for failure to educate the students or themselves. Boo to them.

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