Today is the first day of Spring | Tuesday – 3/20/2018 and here are some news items.

” … climate is not the same as weather — climate is the forest and weather is the trees.”The Atlantic

Five finger discounting | The Columbia Police Department facebook page has two posts about folks hefting stuff from local retailers: one allegedly taking baby formula and the other, beer.

Reading the MUNICIPAL BRIEFS about happenings in other municipalities in LNP – Always Lancaster is enlightening.

The POLICE LOG, too, contains interesting arrests like this one: “MANOR TWP.: Waldemar Camps, 51, of Columbia, was charged March 12 after police say he slapped a male 25-year old in the face following a disagreement involving a hit-and-run crash earlier in the day.”

working women.gif

Are fabrications and twisted truths the way of politicians? | No, Trump hasn’t appointed more women than any other president.

“To mark Women’s History Month, administration officials and allies are claiming the number of women in the Trump administration can add to the president’s ever-growing list of historic achievements. But in true Trumpian form, these claims are grossly exaggerated. The president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, told Fox Business Network, “Yes, [Trump has] the most [women in his administration] of any president I believe, and, one of the, I think the first, to have a woman in charge of the campaign, so there you go.”

The Washington Post appointment tracker shows that 22 percent of Trump’s Senate-confirmed nominees so far are women. He now has five women in his cabinet. Both numbers lag behind former presidents Clinton and Obama. Trump may also fall behind George W. Bush on female appointments. Plus, just because the boss is a woman doesn’t mean a staff has significant female representation — the Washington Post appointment tracker shows only one Education appointee, Secretary Betsy DeVos, is female, while the nine other Senate nominees at Education are male.

“Under no metric has Trump appointed more women than any previous president.”

REMEMBER: 2018 STREET SWEEPING SEASON |Street Sweeping began yesterday. The borough reminds you to “Please be sure to move your vehicle on the designated street sweeping days in your neighborhood.”

More information at the Website.

“Russia is a deadly place for journalists. In the past few decades, dozens of journalists have been killed, many in unsolved murders. The international journalism community frequently criticizes Russian authorities for failing to investigate the murders—courts and investigators don’t get backing, and ongoing investigations are opaque.” – The Masthead

“Dental report card fail: half of adults and one-third of kids don’t brush twice a day”The Conversation [NOTE: This is an Australian report, but not too different than here.]


The Alpenrose German-American Society has finalized the Maitanz, which will be held at the Siebenthal Resort, 3150 Tunnel Hill Rd., Seven Valleys, Pa. on Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 2:00 PM-6:00 PM.
You do not want to miss the wonderful sounds of Maria and John, who will provide the music for the afternoon. You can dance all afternoon and snack on Brats, Bier, Soda and Munchies with the iconic sound of our German-American duo.Tickets are still available by calling Barbara Ann de Leon at (717) 428-2210 or e-mail Doors will open at 1:30 PM for late comers and tickets can also be purchased at that time.
If you want a group table, please call the number and e-mail address above for arrangements.We will dance all afternoon in the tent with sweet summer breezes all around us.
For our next event, it will be a bus trip to Washington, D.C. for a real historic and modern 21st century vision of Germany, visiting the German-American Museum, the German Embassy and between will be an authentic lunch at the very famous “Cafe’ Berlin”. If this fits your persona, don’t hesitate another minute, just call or e-mail me, if you would like to join us for a look at the world around us, namely Germany in our global economy. Don’t just read about us, join us, for a a great experience with a cultural club that will fulfill your interest in how Germany’s traditions have influenced the lives of Americans.
The club has been re-energized with exciting plans including speakers, music,  dancing, dinners and educational tours. We want college students, young adults and middle aged folks and seniors to come and join us for a meeting and contribute your ideas to the Alpenrose German- American Society Club. – SOURCE: news release




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