Wednesday’s Winter Storm Warning, Columbia Schools are closed and other news items – 3/21/2018

Looking out your window right now, you may be seeing the snow flakes falling. Some school and other events are closed on on delays. The  County and Court office are operating on a two-hour delay this morning.

Looking for school cancellations / delays? You ought to be able to find that information at the district’s website (Hempfield, Donegal, Penn Manor, Eastern York YES!) Columbia – NO?

Well, now at 8:17 am there’s a notice at the Website and schools are closed.

Columbia new, views & reviews is on a two-hour delay due to a lousy computer updates series. Man, we’re really glad our toaster doesn’t have updates.

winter storm warning

Jon Witman struggle with opioids Penn Live

Hero | School Resources Officer –  The Washington Post

Consequence follows action | “Parole denied for two in Pa. rock-throwing case that left teacher disabled” Penn Live


New Yuengling | “Yuengling releases first new flagship beer in 17 years”Central Penn Business Journal

Really, Ben? Because the concept works so well? | “Carson Says ‘Opportunity Zones’ Could Serve as CDBG Substitute”RouteFifty

Revelation? | “a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration.” – The Washington Post

The predilections of rich old men | “Stormy Daniels, Hypocrites, (And Jesus Christ)” – BedlamFarm


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  1. There is a beautiful white blanket outside. Once it is gone by Friday or Saturday, watch for the bright green of the grass. Spring has its ups and downs. The diversity of nature is so important. Although we all wish for it to be warmer than the National Weather Service report that predicts the highest temperature in the next week will only be 48 Thursday 29 March.

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