Thursday news items [texting crashes; nothing’s changed; same same TV & more] – 4/5/2018

“The Ohtani Show is must-see TV”The Los Angeles Times

His 2018 stats to date

distracted dr

And these are just the reported ones | “Distracted driving citations more than doubled in Lancaster County last year”Lancaster Online

1968 – 2018 | What’s changed? Al Jazeera


“Dozens of anchors. Same Sinclair script.” Vox

Channel 21 swallowed the one-sided script, too.Penn Live

USSR, Nazi Germany, Egypt, Turkey, China, North Korea, Syria … that’s what happens with no media freedom. Want that?

Stiffed in YorkFOX43-TV

No single demographic for those “trusted employees”Penn Live


Roadside America – for saleThe Lebanon Daily News

Like rectums, everyone’s got at least one opinion | “the greatest president ever” – Dana Milbank column in The Washington Post


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