Monday’s news items – 4/9/2018

The missing is foundLancaster Online

Lots of posts [missing endangered person; burglary; school threat (in Clovis, NM)] at the Columbia Police Department facebook page.

What’s that mean? | “Pennsylvania has created the “Missing Endangered Person Advisory System”

Comparisons: Clovis, NM vs. Columbia, PA

Let’s be troublemakers like King, and let’s stand together with our brave troublemaking students who want a nonviolent and just society.” – From this column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

“4 new vendors coming to Lebanon Farmers Market”The Lebanon Daily News

clemente reportThe Paterno family asked people to read the James T. Clemente report.

Did you watch last night’s HBO showing of the Paterno movie? “Things HBO’s ‘Paterno’ got right, things it missed, and ‘artistic license'”Penn Live

“‘Paterno’ HBO movie: What people are saying about the controversial Penn State film”The Daily Collegian

Dairy farming works in Canada – not so much here.NPR

DEBT CRISIS COMING | “but large tax cuts and unfunded wars have been huge contributors to our current deficit problem.”The Washington Post

Pinocchio, Nose, Lying Nose, Long, Lie

Pinocchio in chief | “Two Trump speeches, two dozen dubious claims”The Washington Post

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