redo of a redo of a post in 2011 – what’s old is new again!


enemy of the peopleAlmost every elected public servant or politician decries the lack of good news or positive in media sources.

Remember Hungary, the republic that stood up to the Soviet Union in 1956?

Take a look at what’s been happening in Hungary recently. Hungary’s current rulers, as so many other nations under a despotic regime, want to eliminate free reporting of news. These rulers want to have only happy news, good news, “positive” news. In other words, information they approve, contort and distort to serve their purposes, which so often involves the complete lack of transparency. They want everything to reflect their goals – whether those goals and objectives are in the public interest.

In a 2014 post, Columbia news, views & reviews wrote this:

“To deliver only ‘positive news” guarantees only that citizens will not know about scandalous, and sometimes illegal, actions in government; major college football shower rooms; churches; politics, etc.”

That post revisited this 2011 post, “An enemy of the people.”

This article in today’s New York Times brings into question the situation of corporately owned media.

Can media users trust or believe the corporate interests of a radio conglomerate that tells its reporters what to say?

Can citizens trust or believe any media that refuses to tell its audience about alleged sexual or age discrimination at another media outlet?

Can citizens trust or believe any media that is beholding to the same financial pressures or promises that corporations funnel into the pockets of elected public servants who are supposed to represent the interests of the citizens?



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