Thursday’s news items [inflation, crime, elephants fighting, gardening & more] – 4/12/2018

If you’ve bought groceries or gas recently, you already know this: “The March consumer price index shot up to 2.4% in March from 2.2% in the prior month.” – MarketWatch

ONCE MORE! | Trusted booster club treasurer (and a teacher, too) charged in boosting over $35,000 from kids sports program. WHY ARE THESE ORGANIZATIONS ALLOWED TO OPERATE WITH NO CONTROLS? School Districts MUST HAVE OVERSIGHT of booster clubs.

Take a video tour of the new brewery opening in ColumbiaThe York Daily Record


Here’s a really friendly outreach | From a local facebook page: “Hey friends! Anyone know how to get in touch with the guys who are launching Starview Brewery? When we read the article on the brewery, The Sparrow Element went ahead and secured his domains for him and I’d like to give them him! We got him and so that no other domain-snatchers could grab them and overcharge them to use them. We want them to know we got their back

LEGAL NOTICE HERE but not HERE | “LEGAL NOTICE – COLUMBIA BOROUGH COUNCIL is seeking grants for the Market House and for curbs & sidewalks on South Eighth Street.


Columbia’s Police Department facebook page really is a crime page and the Lancaster Online splash page is inordinately loaded with arrest information. Is Columbia in “prime time crime time” or the Police Department’s really busy or both?

WOW! What was she thinking? Glad the Turnpike Commission isn’t handling our money | Just now, according to an LNP – Always Lancaster article today, a Mount Joy woman owes the commission about “about $26,000 in tolls” for failing to pay a boatload of toll payments. According to the article, she failed to pay for the 11-mile trip between the Harrisburg East and Mechanicsburg interchange more than 1,600 times over a five-year period. The one way charge for that one time trip is $1.74. And just now are they charging her for the missed payments and tacking on “violation fees totaling $66,000” bringing the total to just about $92,000.

A National Geographics article says, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers most.”

Now, change that to “when large nations fight, it’s Syrian civilians that suffer most.”

gardeningSee the article at Lancaster Online about community gardening? Yep, you grow you own vegetables by renting a garden plot.


Where: Community Garden of Columbia, 291 S. 4th St., Columbia, is organized by Storehouse Columbia members on land owned by Vision Columbia.

Who can rent: Open to the public.

Cost: 10-foot-14-foot plots are $35 for the season, which ends “with the growing season.”

Deadline: First-come, first-serve.

More information: Email”


  1. What is the purpose of spending one million dollars to renovate the market house that has no tenant or purpose; or has someone quietly offered to lease it if we’ll spend the million dollars? Sorry, you won’t know until we’ve spent the money!

    • Reckon it’s why people don’t own elephants, expecially white ones, as pets … they’re expensive to feed, house and maintain.

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