Wednesday news items [graphically and photographically] – 4/18/2018

crocus … if spring ever comes.

spring clean upSpring clean up … whether of not spring ever comes.

cannabisMissed opportunity for Columbia – Scranton’s got the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival.

pipe;lineMud at the pipeline site east of Columbia on 462.

Put that cellphone in your locker: More than half of middle schools in the United States allow their students to carry cellphones in school. But some parents are concerned, and now there is a movement called “Away for the Day” that physician, filmmaker and activist Delaney Ruston describes as a way “to get cellphones out of the middle schools across the country, to have them put in places like lockers…. When we look at middle schoolers, they actually can have a negative experience, a negative impact on academics and emotional well-being when they’re allowed to have their phones all day, because frankly, they’re using them in the halls, at lunch and sneaking them a lot in classrooms.” Ruston hopes to mobilize parents to push for schools to ban cellphone use during the school day. – MarketPlace


More than a few people are so frustrated with the dealings at Wells Fargo.

It’s time to clean house at America’s worst bank. Sign the petition if you agree.

“Wells Fargo is guilty of the country’s worst consumer abuses. They need to divest from harmful industries, stop predatory and discriminatory lending, and start putting people and planet first. Instead, Wells Fargo rigged the economy and put their executives and shareholders first.” – People’s Action

Funeral Held For Dallas Police Sgt Michael Smith Killed In Police-Targeted Shootings

“Trump Wants To Protect Police, But The Government Is Missing A Big Problem: Suicides”FiveThirtyEight


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