More Tuesday news items [fake or real; “scenes seen” & more] –

Fake news or real news? | “Trump told Comey he didn’t stay in Moscow in 2013. The flight records tell a different story”The Boston Globe

school board special meeting

No water? | “Drought Returns to Huge Swaths of U.S., Fueling Fears of a Thirsty Future”Stateline

Break for students & teachers? | “Why More School Districts Are Holding Class Just Four Days a Week”Stateline

Debt on the rise! | If the World Economy Is Looking So Great, Why Are Global Policymakers So Gloomy?” The New York Times

Equal justice at Waffle House? | “Alabama police leave black woman topless after violent arrest, video shows”The Guardian

“Scenes seen” during a walk.old barnAn interesting old barn.

mag2Finally the warm weekend sun wakens the magnolia into a canopy of pink.

mag1Spring beauty and the aroma is captivating.


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