Tuesday’s news [equal justice for some; kudos for Columbia Spy; opinions & more] – 4/24/2018

Today and tomorrow – RAIN

gofigureSome “equal justice under the law” system | “take $31.80 from a church collection box just after midnight” and get incarcerated “in lieu of $50,000 bail.” But, “trying to fly your plane out of Lancaster Airport while under the influence of alcohol” and get released “on $10,000 unsecured bail.” – articles at Lancaster Online

Some people and some things don’t change | “Black women, including York NAACP head, allege discrimination at Grandview Golf Club”The York Daily Record [(York County’s NAACP chapter president Sandra) Thompson” said former York County Commissioner Steve Chronister, who identified himself as Grandview’s owner, first approached the group after they teed off on hole No. 2. She said Chronister suggested they leave and he would refund their money, but Thompson told him they were members and wanted to continue playing.]

LIP News lauds Columbia Spy’s photo excellence | “Once again, because of the confines of the lay-out of this site, I have to combine pleasant, fun and serious. But this is one of the best photo journalists out there. If you want a pick-me-up for a Monday – go to the Columbia Spy (click here).”

On April 28“Parenting workshop focuses on structure, boundaries and consistency”Lancaster Online. [The article states you must register by yesterday, but registration for this FREE event appears to be open at eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-parenting-workshop-tickets-43440369314 ]

Four days ago in The Chicago Tribune | “Why Tyson, the largest meat processor in the U.S., is investing in fake meat”

corporate welfare

Letter-to-the-editor on target | “Grants amount to corporate welfare” Lancaster Online

Letter-to-the-editor off target | In a letter-to-the-editor in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster, a writer stated: The AR-15 shoots a small .223-inch diameter full-jacketed bullet that doesn’t expand. Popular deer hunting rifles shoot a .308 soft-tip bullet that expands, making a large, more deadly wound. With practice and a sling bag of ammunition, a shooter can fire 10 to 12 shots a minute with an old single-shot shotgun. If the Florida shooter had used a deer rifle or a shotgun firing rifled slugs or buckshot, there may have been no survivors.”

Not certain anyone who’s ever carried and fired the any weapon firing the 5.56×45mm NATO round would agree. Here’s more from The Sportsmen’s Shop in New Holland: .223 vs. 5.56 mm Ammo – a Comparison. Here’s another comparison at the American Rifleman: “.223 Remington Vs. 5.56: What’s in a Name?”

But everyone’s got opinions as this Atlantic Magazine article shows.

300px-223_RemingtonNot all bullets are the same: “A variety of .223 Remington cartridges and a .308 Winchester (right) for comparison. Bullets in .223 cartridges (left to right): Montana Gold 55 grain full metal jacket, Sierra 55 grain Spitzer boat tail, Nosler/Winchester 55 grain combined technology, Hornady 60 grain V-Max, Barnes 62 grain Tipped Triple-Shock X, Nosler 69 grain hollow point boat tail, Swift 75 grain Scirocco II.” – Wikipedia

“Questions arise after prisoner drowns in creek while handcuffed and shackled”Penn Live

OPINION | “Why Do So Many Recent Veterans Dislike Police Officers?”Task & Purpose





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