Monday’s news items [today’s the last day of a cold April] – 4/30/2018

Paintball outlaws!paint splatterJust wanted to make everyone aware that i was driving up the 400 block of Locust St.about 10 minutes ago around the pizza shop and my car got hit with a bright pink paintball. Be aware!!! I didn’t see anyone…..” – a facebook post followed by lots of comments about paintball attacks. Nothing posted about this illegal activity at the Columbia Borough Police Department Website though at least one of the commenters claims “ the police were called.”


Myopic viewpoints are treacherous – thinking we are at the center of the world and that everyone else is “third world” is so dangerous.

internet useThe US and North America may have the highest penetration of Internet users, but the greatest potential number of Internet users by a wide margin come from other nations. Knowledge is power and lots of people with increased access to the power of the Internet have a distinct “future advantage.”

Why not school districts? | If the state can consider merging state universities, why not consolidate the ridiculous number of schools? – Lancaster Online

“Wrightsville Elementary School principal gets funky with morning announcements”The York Daily Record

higher rates of potentially preventable hospitalizations among older residents, black residents and lower income residents” | “1 in 8 Hospitalizations are Potentially Preventable” Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council

Letter writer calls out anonymous trolls in letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:Online comments are made via Facebook accounts with no confirmation by LNP staff that the account identifies the individual by his or her real name. You ultimately are enabling those trolls whose comments are xenophobic, racist and sexist by providing the hood of anonymity that allows them to behave in ways that are not reflective of the majority of people in our wonderful community of Lancaster County.”

VA legal clinic

This full page ad is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. JointheFD.comjoin fd

Columbia’s Neighborhood Crime Watch’s across the river day trip.crime watch



  1. Perhaps the borough could have a mural painted on those trailers; that’s how you fix ugly don’t ya know.

    Or, perhaps someone will open a restaurant in one of them; eateries seem to be Cola’s great growth industry.

    PS. They (eateries) ain’t all gonna make it IMO.

    • Maybe a consultant’s study will address the murals.

      Good places to eat are always a commodity that will “make it.” At least during good economic times. While the attrition rate for restaurants is pretty significant, prudent management, quality food and exceptional service make a difference.

      Here’s an article about just that:

      Several of Columbia’s dining opportunities have been around for a while: Bully’s, Hinkle’s, Burger King, Joe’s, Smith’s come to mind. And there are probably others we’ve missed. The Black Olive is taking care of lots of Customers, too.

  2. Forgot about the consultants; how silly of me. I can no longer figure out if I need to go potty without one.

    Old age sucks.

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