Wednesday’s news items – 5/3/2018

No more Boy Scouts | name change announced – Reuters

From today’s POLICE LOG | “MOUNT JOY: Daniel Dwayne Leas, 39, of 26 S. 5th St., Columbia, was charged with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop Feb. 5, police said.LNP – Always Lancaster


Monday night’s theater of the absurd at Columbia High School prompted this LNP – Always Lancaster editorial: “Civility and principle are needed in politics, but sadly, weren’t prominent in 11th Congressional District debate”

Will there be another? | A letter-to-the-editor writer wonders:Our current congressman, Lloyd Smucker, only begrudgingly and in calculated fashion agreed to appear at a forum alongside his Republican primary opponent. Given this and his refusal to meet with his constituents at town hall meetings or any meaningful forum other than private events, I’m wondering whether he will deign to debate his Democratic opponent, Jess King.”

The School Board of Directors’ COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE MEETING AGENDA is posted | Click here to download it as a .pdf file. 

“‘The money shot’: How school districts find and prove residency fraud” WITF

urban legend

Social media is often rife with half-truths. clarifies the social media myth about: Folding the Flag | Why are American flags folded thirteen times?”

The Department of Veterans Affairs states “A family may request the recitation of words to accompany the meaningful presentation of the American flag as we honor the dedication and sacrifice of their loved ones.” But, “Traditional grave site military funeral honors include the silent folding and presentation of an American flag, a rifle salute and the playing of ‘Taps.’”

“Medicare costs could rise by more than 200 percent for these retirees” CNBC

dog enforcement

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