Borough’s Spring 2018 newsletter is posted | Free trolley rides this year!

The Borough’s second edition of the “new look” newsletter is posted at the Borough Website. Click here to download the complete newsletter as a .pdf file.

columbia connection

From the newsletter: “The Columbia trolley was purchased two years ago by the Borough to provide reliable, fun, and affordable way for visitors and residents to explore Historic Columbia’s main attractions. Intended as a driver of community and economic development, the trolley has been operated as a joint effort between the Columbia Borough and the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce. According to a newly developed plan, the Columbia trolley will now be operated by Susquehanna Heritage.
As a result of these changes, there will be some updates made to how the trolley operates. Formerly, the trolley cost riders $3 fare for the whole day. Under the new plan, service is provided at no cost to the rider, for both residents and visitors! The trolley will still run on a loop, but some proposed stop changes will be made due to business closings that were formerly trolley destinations. The new loop and stops will be announced in the coming months. The new hours will be Friday through Sunday 11 am to 5 pm, running from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.”

One comment

  1. We have never seen the numbers from last year’s trolley loses. This year taxpayers are footing the bill for management of the trolley adding another $11,000 plus free rides. Then there is the cost of fuel and $15.00 an hour for the drivers. In addition the former “volunteer” guides will now be paid $10.00 an hour. Taxpayers need to ask themselves how having a trolley is benefiting them.

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