Tuesday news items – 5/8/2018

Pennsylvania’s money-maker hospitals are … Penn Live

Letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster praisesseventh- and eighth-grade Columbia Middle School Chorus and Drumming Ensemble, under the direction of Richard Jensen.”

OMG – Another letter writes thinks Smucker is not conservative enough.

On WITF‘s Smart Talk today: “Local governments expanding social media posts”

non smioing VFW

This post “gets it!”  Across the nation, veterans organizations know that declining memberships are fostered by those who cling to the the practices of the past. Well-run veterans organizations embrace new prospective members. The others will continue to hang on to the old ideas and resist change. They are the ones that will become dinosaurs.

This article about a Nebraska VFW post is bucking the recruitment trend. Its capturing younger veterans by actually doing things.

Will billboards curb opioid use? Lancaster Online

It’s the editorial tooLancaster Online

“Columbia teen charged with beating, burning 2-year-old in Lebanon County”Lancaster Online

Who says you need a crowd to have a tea party? This lovely, bone china teacup and pot are perfect for those solo moments. The teapot and cup are hand painted with an Alice in Wonderland themed design that features two quotations from the original book and the characters of Alice and the Cheshire cat in the style of the Disney film.The wide, bistro style cup is quite large, but the quality, bone china keeps it light and there's plenty of room on the saucer for a biscuit or two. This design…

RE: the above article – The “sharia law” (off with their hands) or Alice in Wonderland (off with their heads) fans are out in force about this at a local facebook page.

Celebration for some | VE-DayPenn Live

“Ethics investigation of Wolf aide advances; gas industry conflict of interest alleged”StateImpact

No wonder we’re so effed up | The unwritten rules of CongressNPR


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