Thursday’s news items – 5/17/2018


Man that Hempfield Boys’ volleyball team is something else! | “Hempfield blanks Manheim Central for 22nd L-L League boys volleyball championship “Lancaster Online

thats allColumbia’s Crime Watch initiative is no more according to a post a local facebook page.

Gotta’ love the Lieutenant Governor candidate’s candor | “I do own a couple of suits. I’m not here to rock that boat.”AP news

Back and forth, ever get the feeling the occupants of Wonderland don’t know what they’re doing? | “Senate backs effort to restore ‘net neutrality’ rules” Lancaster Online

Gawd, we hope the Philadelphia newspapers never lose John Baer. His perceptive columns on Pennsylvania’s political environment are consistently brilliant. His choice of works never ceases to fully show the picture. In this column, he’s comparing the upcoming Pennsylvania governor’s race when he open with:

“I know they’re both 60-something rich white guys from rural York County, which normally would offer as much interest/excitement as a tag-team game of canasta in somebody’s suburban basement rec room.”

An LNP – Always Lancaster article today reports the city’s “housing inspectors accompanied by police conducted surprise inspections at 10 suspected illegal rooming houses.”

From LNP – Always Lancaster‘s POLICE LOG: “LANCASTER: Corey Robert Klopp, 40, of the 4000 block of Columbia Avenue, Columbia, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia after someone told police he was rolling drugs in a cigar wrapper May 14 in the 200 block of West King Street, police said.”

What would you expect? He’s an attorney. | “‘I pay for their welfare!’: Man scolding restaurant workers for speaking Spanish ID’d as NYC attorney”FOX43-TV

Just last week an attorney business associate joked with this: “A lawyer, accused of shooting his mother, would bill her for the bullet.” Here are some other lawyer jokes.

rain rain

We expect everyone wants to play, but “‘Relentless rain’ expected in Pa. into the weekend”Penn Live



  1. Sadly it the world op political leadership, there are lots of examples of embarrassment. Political leadership is not the role models we want our youth to see,or worse yet, emulate.

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