Tuesday’s news [ a “do something” mayor; Columbia land bank; hedgehogs & more] – 5/22/2018

a “do something” mayorfettermanJohn Fetterman, a Democrat running for lieutenant governor on a ticket with Gov. Wolf, is, well, different.”

How lucky the citizens of Braddock are to have this guy as a mayor for four terms. He is a “do something” elected public servant, unlike so many of the pretenders. Read John Baer’s column here.


col land bankAppears Columbia is the only player. – Source – Lancaster County Land Bank Authority Webpage

This is from the February 2018 minutes (the most current minutes postes):

“The Board approved a resolution authorizing a loan agreement with Brookline Builders Inc. for the rehabilitation of 494 Manor Street, Columbia. Mr. Sternberg and Mr. Justin Eby informed the Board that after discussion with the Project Review Committee at their earlier meeting, the amount in the resolution members had received was updated from $25,000 to $150,000 as there was a change in approach to overall financing. He confirmed that Board members had the revised resolution in front of them. Part of the loan is contingent on receiving $25,000 from the Redevelopment Fund but now they are deliberately leaving more flexibility in the resolution, so staff can negotiate between the line of credit and/or equity/cash from the owner. This will maximize the ability to recoup investment dollars at the ultimate sale of the property.

“Board members reviewed the revised Resolution. Mr. Jim Eby, Board Chair, provided background on the Project Review Committee’s decision, in response to feedback from Mr. Groff regarding positive repercussions on future projects as the Authority shows a willingness to creatively work with developers. Mr. Jim Eby noted that staff would need to do some more research on the terms of the loan as the Authority is providing below market interest rates; then staff will need to go back to Brookline, as this is a different direction from the construction company’s original proposal. The motion to approve was made by Mr. Groff, second by Ms. Lyon Slaymaker, and unanimously carried. Mr. Sternberg reiterated that Board Members should voice any questions or concerns now rather than later, as the developer is ready to move and staff is increasingly concerned about the condition of the building and the need for immediate intervention. Board members stated their support for the strategy. (A copy of said Resolution [FEB 18 #1] is attached hereto, and made a part hereof).

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of the Lancaster County Land Bank Authority to authorize the Executive Director to execute a loan agreement with Brookline Builders, Inc. in an amount not to exceed One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars for the residential property located at 494 Manor Street, Columbia, PA.”


American Families Face a Growing Rent Burden | High housing costs threaten financial security and put homeownership out of reach for many” – Pew Charitable Trusts


Important stuff | A “top of page one” article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is about one of our state elected public servants wanting to legalize hedgehogs as pets in PA. Just in case, here’s what you need to know about caring for one.

“The Opioid Crisis Is Not Just An American Epidemic”BuzzFeed News

Predatory behavior runs rampant in Facebook’s addiction support groups | Huge groups of vulnerable people looking for help are a rehab marketer’s dream”The Verge

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