Wednesday’s news items – 5/23/2018

You gotta show at School Board Meetings | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, this report stated: “Although property owners will see a tax increase, the proposed budget calls for the elimination of the district’s per capita tax. The community in late April was invited to attend a special meeting to discuss the budget with school board members, but no residents attended.

Out of the darkness | Citations for street crimes and offenses at the Columbia Police Department’s facebook page and in the POLICE LOG in LNP – Always Lancaster.

“Silly Bill” Editorial | We agree.

pain meds

Click to download the above graphic as a .pdf file.

Lots of comments follow this Lancaster Online article about dog wardens checking for unlicensed dogs.

Big price drop for UGI Customers comingLancaster Online

Cheyenne’s gone The Washington Post


post at a local facebook page: “Theres a needle under a bush on 7th st” … followed by a bunch of comments.

One comment

  1. Totally convinced that residents may voice their concerns to the school board and totally convinced that it will not change anything. Look at the concerns about Mr. Strickler being DOO. Residents spoke out against this in large numbers and so later he becomes superintendent! Resident concerns fall on deaf ears. Recently a resident of West Hempfield said of Columbia’s school district, nothing will change until the district is bankrupt. All the outsourcing is not helping the districts image either.

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