“Scenes seen” on Memorial Day walk under the effects of an endorphin high, part 1

boating seasonBoating season’s back and the “park” at Columbia’s River Park is a parking lot for trailers.

fire stationWouldn’t this be a good place for a borough hall / police station? Remember when so many, including the mayor, tried to pass the building off to the Department of Human Services as the perfect call center?

But at the moment, it’s not fully emptied. Emergency vehicles are inside.

fire station flag downMaybe … just maybe, the effort to sell the building has been scaled back. The FOR SALE sign in “down” at the side of the building.

crosley FieldColumbia’s very own mini-Crosley Field. In a way like Cincinnati’s old field with a pitched outfield.

handicapWonder whether there’s a database with all the “RESERVED PARKING” signage – supposedly for persons with a disability – in Columbia?

visitorsColumbia’s brand-spanking new Gateway Island Project gathered some visitors today and the gateway is looking grand.

Looking really good.

kemptKempt grass.

kind of unkemptKinda’ kempt grass.

unkemptUnkempt grass.

locust st propertyHeard property values on the first block of Locust are creeping upward based on the expectations of the planned “upscale” apartment living that’s coming.

open closedOPEN or CLOSED | It was kind of a mixed message with a “your choice” interpretation at this downtown retail operation. Know for a fact that the Black Olive, on the east side of town, was open and packed around noon time.

muddy riverThe southerly view of The River from the middle of The Bridge; the Susquehanna is quite spectacular.


  1. Crowley field, I remember going to games there as a kid. Did you grow up in that part of the country? It was replaced by Riverfront in about1970. Went to a few games there too. Good memories, thanks.

    • Didn’t think anyone else remembered Vada Pinson! Frank Robinson was a Red too before being traded to Baltimore. Baseball truly was King in those days.

      • Pinson was a gazelle; and the Reds then had cool personalities with cool names.

        We also liked Vida Blue, Catfish Hunter and other personalities of a different era and team.

  2. The argument against moving the borough offices to the old fire house on Front Street is that the police may not be able to respond if a train was using the tracks paralleling Bank Street. This seems a rather thin argument as it is only used once a day from my observation. Seems it would be possible to coordinate with the railroad to know when the track would be occupied.

    Another possible solution would be a ramp over the tracks up to a second floor parking area and entrance on the north side of the building. This could provide a separate and secure space for police operations and for covered parking below.

    Unfortunately, one gets the feeling that a decision has already been made and the meetings are just for show. The two options now on the table are both seriously flawed and quite expensive in my opinion. I believe the firehouse could be repurposed at a comparable price and we already own it.

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