“Scenes seen” on Memorial Day walk under the effects of an endorphin high, part 2.

Yesterday, Americans — of all nations of origins, ethnicity, cultures, backgrounds, ages, shapes, sizes,  and faiths — celebrated Memorial Day.

On Memorial Day, patriotic Americans lower the national colors to half staff until noon to honor warriors who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their nation.

flag 1Anvil International’s flag was perfectly displayed as were flags elsewhere around town.

at the Park at Fifth and Locust and at River Park.

columbia gatewayAnd at the newly dedicated gateway islands on either side of Route 462.

flag 2Not exactly half-staff, but the intent is there at Glatfelter Field.

Unfortunately, there were others that did not. And if one ascribes to the lunatic rantings of some KKK-like individuals who would have those violators leave the country for not valuing American traditions. If it’s OK to suggest that people should leave the country for not standing for the National Anthem; what’s the difference for violating Flag protocol?

That would be a harsh penalty for those improperly displaying these American flags yesterday morning:


flag 9


flag 3


flag 4

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