Tuesday’s news [follow up to joint meeting; heroism, letters & fog] – 5/29/2018

A video about Columbia’s Public Library.

The first chapter of a book published in 2003 | ”What Every Person Should Know About War’The New York Times

Not news news, but … there’s talk about having open primary elections in PA. Pennsylvania is one of just 11 states that restricts its citizens and impedes them from being represented.

Could not find this at the Borough Website, but this employment position (Administrative Assistant – Borough of Columbia – Columbia, PA 17512) is listed at Indeed.com.

Ready-Aim-Fire | the unabridged version appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s School Briefs.school board briefs

Christine Macready of West Hempfield Township has a particularly well written sentiment in her letter-to-the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. It’s not yet online, but she finishes the letter with “And here is a little history lesson: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were liberals. It was the conservatives who wanted to stay with England.

And Columbia’s Ronald E. Waugh’s letter is equally well-crafted as he condemns the absence of morality and ethics in the reigning party.

Heroic acts are done by ordinary people trying to do the right thing | “Missing man was trying to save woman’s cat from floodwaters, witnesses say” Penn Live

Doing the right thing at StarbucksWITF

Doing the wrong thing | Taking a solemn American holiday and turning it into something else is something KKK-like people do. – NPR

KKK-like people say, we told you, “Maybe you should be somewhere else.” | “Up to 200 gravestones vandalized with swastikas just before Memorial Day event in Illinois” The Washington Post

Makes sense | “Rudy Giuliani was at Yankee Stadium for his birthday and the fans booed him” The Boston Globe


Sychopant – suckophant, whatever | “In new West Wing season, Trump calls the shots and aides follow The Washington Post

Thought of Carl Sandburg’s Fog this morning.

The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Get the lead out, or else | “Carlisle contractor pleads guilty for not taking proper lead paint precautions”Central Penn Business Journal


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  1. Thanks to LNP for making a meeting that made no sense sound like it was productive. Either way, whether they go to Chestnut Street or remain at the Locust Street location, the taxpayers will foot the bill for years to come. The architect said he was not aware that he was to make a presentation. Hard to understand that prior to a joint meeting there is not clear communication. How difficult can it be?

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