Wednesday’s news items, part 1. [bastards; role models, racists & more] – 5/30/2018

BASTARD! | “15 dogs — including 3 that were illegally ‘debarked’ — seized from unlicensed Quarryville breeder”Lancaster Online

We’re all for “eye for an eye” law on beings who do things like this.

Not in Columbia | “Where to find seasonal farmers markets in Lancaster County” Lancaster Online

NBC’s got sense | Roseanne, the racist, is gone. – Vanity Fair

wrightsville gatewayVeterans Memorial Bridge approaching Wrightsville

Closed for about a year? |”Plans to rehabilitate the historic Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Susquehanna River could include closing the span to traffic for about a year while work is done.” – The York Daily Record

There’s an old “made-up” adage borrowed from George Bernard Shaw’s original: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. And those who can’t teach, administrate. Today’s TOPO (top of page one) LNP – Always Lancaster article is about the high paychecks that the county’s school district’s superintendents collect. Additional to the big bucks are incredible perks and benefits.

Here’s the article at Lancaster Online.

How many vacation days do you get?

Why would any Puerto Rican —or anyone —vote for him? |Trump Failed the Americans of Puerto Rico The death toll is now estimated at 4,645, and the president’s lack of engagement is largely to blame.” – Bloomberg

bb cop“Mommy, there’s a cop” – teaching and touching moments

See this West Hempfield Township Police Department’s re-post of facebook post a it’s facebook page. “I took my 4yr old son to the park with my BFF and while he and his cousins are playing basketball a police officer came up to them. My son’s first reaction was to run to me screaming “mommy there is a cop”. My son shouldn’t be afraid of a cop. But thanks to this officer from West Hempfield Township made my son and bff kids were so comfortable. He took his time to play with them and show him his car. The kids had fun and felt very comfortable around him instead of being scared. Thank you for your service Officer.”

OPINION: If Addiction Is a Disease, Why Is Relapsing a Crime?”The New York Times



  1. Columbia could probably support a SEASONAL farmers market but not in the market house. One possible site would be under the 462 bridge now that it has been paved. It would be protected from the weather and has a fair amount of parking. Seems there would be several other benefits from that site. The trolly could even be routed by it occasionally.

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