Thursday’s news [another letter, decriminalizing “pot” & more] – 6/7/2018

lte 2.jpg

This letter to the editor is in today’s Lebanon Daily News:

“Republicans: Do you still think that?

“Do you remember when President Obama left office, gas was about $2.20 a gallon?

“Remember when Gov. Corbet lined his pockets with Gas Co. money (‘campaign contributions’) and told us PA gas would make us energy independent? Now — after years of fracking — hundreds of miles of pipelines are destroying

PA countryside and whatever streams they cross on their way to a port where PA gas will be sold to the highest bidder — probably China.

“How about the Republican war chant, ‘Drill Baby Drill’? Finally Republicans hold all power in DC, and they’re ready to drill everywhere —- off every state on both coasts (except for FL – tRump thinks he’s gonna protect Miralago by giving FL an exemption).

“So if you’re a beach person, you’d best get as much beach time in as possible before the inevitable oil spills happen.

“Oil companies are also allowed to drill in the Arctic, in other national parks and forests. Mining companies can also lease our national lands for a few $$ per acre. Even ancient redwoods are on the chopping block for lumber companies.

“How many of you who voted Republican think all this American oil, gas, coal, and lumber will make US any more energy independent OR will it all be sold to the highest bidder — to most likely our biggest economic competitor — China — for the profit of very few billionaires?

“Meanwhile, after 16 months of tRump, gas is already over $2.99 a gallon.

“(Some say it has to do with his skipping out on the Iran treaty; I’m really curious to see what kind of great ‘deal’ he’s gonna make with N. Korea. Too bad they don’t have any oil…) – Martin Haubrich, S. Londonderry Twp.”

“Bethlehem City Council votes to decriminalize marijuana, move creates quandary for police” – The Morning Call

“‘You aren’t listening:’ Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins reacts to Trump snub with handwritten signs” WHYY

Maybe? But maybe he just does not care.

Maybe she does not either! | “Federal School Safety Commission Holds First Public Session. DeVos Wasn’t There”NPR

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