When “no response” is the response, citizens lose.


That’s the response from the overwhelming number of Lancaster County’s GOP candidates (mostly incumbents) in this Lancaster Stands Up questionnaire to the candidates for office.

Examples of questions include:

  1. What will you do about money in politics? How does your stance on this issue inform your campaign?
  2. What role should state government play in protecting our environment?
  3. What is your vision for public education? What would you do to make sure our public schools have the funding they need to succeed?
  4. What will you do to take on economic inequality?
  5. Do you believe health care is a human right? What is your vision for health care policy at the state level?
  6. What is your vision for a fair tax policy for Pennsylvania?
  7.  Why should Lancaster Stands Up members vote to endorse you?
Candidates for the PA House District 98 that includes Columbia are incumbent David Hickernell and challenger, Mary Auker-Endres.

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