Today’s news [before the horse; Police activity; net neutrality & more] – 6/12/2018

Warrants, arrests, assaults, theft, scam callers and an accidental shooting at the Columbia Borough Police Department facebook page.

Movies Under the Stars will be in the Park School Gym.  According to Councillor Pam Williams at last night’s council meeting, a “glitch” with the movie provider, the movie — Cars 3″ — planned as an outdoor event, doesn’t include licensing to allow Columbia to show the film outdoors.

market house bbqThis is good use of an empty building! | But an example of “cart before the horse.” | The advertising posted on June 7 at a local facebook page is well in advance of last night’s meeting agenda item that sought approval with the “Motion to approve Facilities Use Request submitted by Kelsey Miller, CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health for a community BBQ to be held at the Columbia Market House on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  A certificate of insurance has been provided.”

At last night’s meeting, too, the council president and mayor scoffed when a citizen asked whether there was any truth to the rumor that the police department was going to occupy a structure owned by the fire department.

“Man jumps from Route 30 bridge into Susquehanna River, found ‘sitting on the rocks’ minutes later by rescuers” Lancaster Online

Former borough manager, Norm Meiskey, asked the council last night what happened to the borough’s “promised” tax reduction when he left the position. The huge sewer sale to LASA of several years ago was supposed to result in a property tax decrease. According to one councillor, that happened before the current council’s watch.

Huh? | “State constable injured Monday when his pistol ‘accidentally discharged’ during Columbia eviction”Lancaster Online

Uh-oh! | “The FCC did away with rules barring internet providers from blocking or slowing down access to online content.”CNN

Now what? | What’s that mean to us, the average citizens?The Verge


“Unregulated gambling finds a corner in the corner store (and bar, and lots of other places, too)”Penn Live

Ah, nuts! S%#t happens again and again and again | “McConnell Becomes Longest Serving GOP Leader in Senate History”NPR

Some states resist; but not Pennsylvania | “Net Neutrality Has Been Rolled Back — But It’s Not Dead Yet”NPR





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