Monumental moments & more [at long last, peace?; condemned & paint & good old what’s his name?] – 6/12/2018

monumnetalTwo international leaders meet.

One side of the story | “What Trump gave up to gain Kim’s vague denuclearization vow?”North Korea Times

Another side | Trump and Kim See New Chapter for Nations After Summit” – The New York Times

“Trump flatters North Korea’s totalitarian leader” The Washington Post

The Trump-Kim Summit: Full Text of the Statement”The New York Times

“Trump-Kim Jong Un summit fails to produce disarmament plan”The Los Angeles Times

“These Are The 12 Weirdest Moments From Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong Un”Buzz Feed News

How Net Neutrality Actually Ended Long Before This Week”The New York Times

Lovely police workThe Washington Post

condemnedChanges in the 200 block of Locust Street include (clockwise from top left) the building with the gorgeous filigree work has a condemned sign on the door; the former Bigler-owned structure is getting fixed up(?) and across the street, paint improvement.

what's his nameIn a moment of partisan lapse at last night’s meeting, the mayor referred to Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey as “what’s our other senator’s name” as he was extolling and asking for citizens to write to get Senate support for the agenda item, “U.S. House of Representative (sic) passed legislation for the Susquehanna National Heritage Area Act designating Lancaster and York Counties a National Heritage Area (NHA).”

New SCAMS on the horizonSenior Planet

“There is crying in baseball, guys.” | “This High School Pitcher Hugged His Friend After Striking Him Out To Reach The State Finals”BuzzFeed News

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