Friday’s news items – 6/15/2018

“The Trump Foundation was one big scam, according to the New York attorney general. What a shock.The Washington Post

“PPL Electric Utilities customers to see increased benefit from income tax reform”news release

So long | “Items from Bon-Ton headquarters to be auctioned off next week”Penn Live

Well stated, Joe | Letter-to-the-editor writer, Joe Hemerly of Columbia, writes about his disappointment with Lloyd Smucker and “leaders on both sides of the aisle who fail to properly represent their constituents’ values.” – LNP – Always Lancaster

columbias road conditions

At the Borough Website | “The Borough is happy to report that 75% of Borough streets are currently rated in Excellent or Good categories. That is an increase of 12% since the initial assessment in 2014. Another impressive stat is the mileage of streets categorized as poor fell from 8% to 3%. Poor streets are the most expensive to repair considering they typically require extensive base work.

“The Borough is also happy to report by the end of 2018 12% of all streets will have been paved with 62% being the worst streets in the Borough.”

Here’s the 2018 Columbia Borough pave map | Click to download as a .pdf for enlarging.


Update place for the Car Show | Columbia Car Show “Thunder on the River” facebook page

The typical American family? | “Here’s how the American family has changed in the past 50 years” Penn Live

Surprise | Trusted staffer and “pathological gambler” steals “thousands of dollars from a social club”WFMZ-TV

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