Saturday’s news items [draft agenda; CEDC 990s & more] – 6/23/2018

$479,589.03 | Lancaster County’s 40% Marcellus Legacy Disbursement for 2017.

fin comm agendaA funding assist resource | “Columbia Economic Development Corporation | CEDC works as a bridge between business, government and the community. We actively promote community development and encourage business investment within Columbia. We can help find a location for your business, assist in financing and work to fulfill your needs as a member of our business community.” – Columbia Economic Develppment Corporation Website

In 2013, this Columbia news, views & reviews post (There must be 99 ways …) wondered about the CEDC’s approaching Columbia’s borough council for funding. The post included the organizations IRS Form 990 filings for:

Here are the filings for

According to the Form 990, the CEDC’s “primary exempt purpose” is stated as: Ensuring and facilitating a higher quality of life for the Borough of Columbia promoting business development and expansion within the borough.”

The 990 also shows the officers’ and paid staff compensation as well as other self-reported income streams and expense items.

The CEDC’s mission, according to its Website, is “Investing in our future to provide a  better climate for business and quality of life for the citizens of Columbia Borough, PA.

Further, the site continues, The CEDC will:

  • Find a location for your business
  • Relocate your business to Columbia
  • Grow your business
  • Buy equipment
  • Purchese (sic) land or buildings
  • Construct new Buildings
  • Work on other ideas

cedc filing

There are those who remember the Turkey Hill Experience “experience.”

Back in 2011, there were citizens meeting clandestinely to look into the impending Turkey Hill Experience.

Here’s a collection of articles published at Columbia news, views & reviews about the Turkey Hill Experience and some of what happened to bring it to its current state.

THE timeline – documents and players

THE timeline – documents and players, part 2

THE timeline – documents and players, part 3

THE timeline – documents and players, part 4

THE timeline – documents and players, the last installment









  1. Once the borough had possession of riverfront land. How did “selling” it to the private sector help promote economic development?

  2. Remember what someone said about the 650K for the hotel project; it’s not of they will give them the money, its how they will do it.

  3. Dunno’ – talking with small shop owners, though, evidently not much. Too many shop owners (those in town now and those who’ve opened and gone) have told me they’ve not had encounters with CEDC officers nor elected public servants.

    By encounters, I mean counsel to (Grow your business, Buy equipment or Purchese (sic) land or buildings) or being a Customer.

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