Monday’s news items [Bang!, a visit to Nick’s Bistro & more] – 6/25/2018

fireworksIt’s that time again in town that generates social media comments as this: “If the Columbia PD pursued people setting off fireworks like code enforcement pursues slightly over grown grass or a bit of peeling paint on a house, you wouldn’t hear fireworks anymore.”

For whomever is interested | How to Write a Request for Proposal, with Template and Sample”

The trauma of racism | Study published in The Lancet identifies link between police violence and community mental health for African Americans in the U.S. – ACEs Connection

“The so-called yield curve is perilously close to predicting a recession …”The New York Times

nicks 3

Define “half-naked?” | “Half-naked man violently attacks woman inside Target: police”FOX43-TV

“I really don’t care … ”“Why care … “ – The Conversation

What, again? | “Mayor to declare fiscal crisis in Harrisburg: ‘City now faces a looming financial catastrophe'”Penn Live

True dictator style: Throw away the rule book | Trump Calls for Depriving Immigrants Who Illegally Cross Border of Due Process Rights”The New York Times




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