Thursday’s news items [reconsideration; Lancaster County in the New York Times & more] – 7/5/2018

Everyone, including POTUSes, reconsiders | Just as the former POTUS shifted his Fort Hood initial call, the current has “ordered the national standard to be lowered.” Newsy

Here’s the Proclamation.


Incorrect statements | Though there are statements in this New York Times column, Where American Politics Can Still Work: From the Bottom Up | Civic coalitions are succeeding at revitalizing old towns where governmental efforts have failed. is a nice ego boost for the City of Lancaster. The population of Lancaster County is overstated as 600,000; the US. Census Bureau says it’s closer to 543,000 – which still makes Lancaster County more heavily populated than Iceland — which has a population of just under 338,000.

Still the article is praising the platform of incorporating the ideas of many and working toward community betterment for all. Worth reading.

Living in a Jetson’s bubble; thanks to the Columbia citizens who introduced us to Newsy | Here’s another article from Newsy: “As the climate gets hotter, worldwide demand for air conditioning is climbing fast and driving more greenhouse emissions as it goes. New research shows if this feedback loop continues for long enough, AC could start causing more deaths. Thanks to the greenhouse gases already present in the atmosphere, heat waves are expected to get more frequent and intense. Experts think they’ll help triple the demand for air conditioning by 2050. Watch the video.”

“How road trips changed America” MarketPlace

Global warming: Is it real? | In Australia, they think it isThe Conversation

Return to “greatness” | There are those who miss those times: “New Holland man arrested after challenging ex-boss to fight” FOX43-TV





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  1. Given that, perhaps Lancaster County could field a soccer team to compete in the World Cup. Oh, right, it’s a county, not a country. Just sayin…

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