“scenes seen” on Sunday on the trail and among the weeds

The splendiferous weekend weather beckons everyone to “c’mon out and commune” with nature.

We did and here are some of the scenes we saw.

pyro launchThe borough-owned parking lot on the lower part of Locust Street evidently was Columbia’s version of Cape Kennedy recently as the debris of rocketry remains.

be my neighborGuess “you won’t be our neighbor.” It’s looking as there’ll be no neighbors just yet on the proposed luxury apartments in the 100 block of Locust Street.

SOMETIME IN COLUMBIA?“Developers plan building in Columbia Borough for millennials” – announced in an Lancaster Online article December, 2017 and re-posted (now removed) to the Borough Website.

“Graffitians” find places for their canvases … practically everywhere.

trail 2The Northwest Lancaster County River Trail is splendiferous in its own right … more so on a perfect weather morning. 

trail 3

Walkers, joggers, bike riders and a-hole bunch of logo-adorned, tight-clothing cyclists were on the trail this morning. Everyone who wore non-logo adorned clothing was quite respectful and friendly.

The bike riders were courteous; the cyclists, on the other hand … well, let’s let this TripAdvisor comment be ours, too: “Of note, there have been some issues with road bicyclists using the trail as a speedy connector between points north and south. This has created safety concerns, as walkers and more leisurely bicyclists are not(and should not have to be) prepared to accommodate road bikers speeding along the trail. the Lancaster Bike Club and local authorities are examining the problem.”

Here are the “SIX GOLDEN RULES FOR TRAILS” etiquette.

little doggieThe trail is a place for families with children and doggies, too. The trail isn’t a speedway.

Climbers were tackling the rocks, too.

FILLED crapper

Another Trip Advisor commenter noted: “Only improvement suggestion: add some water fountains and a few bathrooms (there are fairly clean porta-potties and a few places selling cheap bottled water).” Clean, maybe, but nearly filled.

commercial sideCommercialism rears its head on the Marietta side of the River Trail. Notice the $5 parking is not a hot commodity.

flowersGetting to the trail in Columbia, we passed by some beautiful little flowers at someone’s house and then saw lots of flora in its own habitat along the trail.

weedsColumbia’s Route 462 Veterans’ Plaza is looking like it’s been defoliated by an Agent Orange-like chemical.




  1. A true “cyclist” wouldn’t avoid climbing Chickies hill. Me… I try to avoid climbing out of bed.

  2. True, and armed with tight-fitted, high-speed logo gear they should be out on the autobahn taking on those hills. For everyday driving among the “citizens” they need to ratchet back the speed a bit.

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