State Representative candidate Mary Auker-Endres proposes PA Public Option Health Plan to lower costs

Mary Auker-Endres, Candidate for State Representative in the 98th legislative district proposes KeystoneCare, a new healthcare plan which will lower premiums and deductibles for Pennsylvanians.

98th district families will share their experience with our failing healthcare system and why we need change.

Because of partisan games in Washington DC, Lancaster County has some of the highest costs for healthcare in the state, the highest in the state last year on the exchange marketplace. Premiums this year went up by an average of 31%. These costs eat up a large chunk of consumers paycheck keeping people from being able to spend their money in their community and forcing them to ship it off to major insurance companies instead.

High deductible plans force people to ration care and risk missing necessary treatment. This drives up costs for everyone by prioritizing emergency care and keeping people out of work making our economy less productive.

Changes in the economy mean more people find themselves in positions with less health coverage than they need. Healthcare uncertainty forces people to stay in jobs they no longer want instead of starting new small businesses in our area because they are too afraid to lose their coverage.

Pennsylvania can change this and put families first by offering KeystoneCare.

KeystoneCare would enable you to buy-in to an affordable health plan with manageable cost sharing so you don’t have to choose between healthcare and housing or sustainable employment. Plan cost would be anchored to the cost of Pennsylvania Medicaid coverage. This would be lower than competing exchange based plans and guarantee market competition as a downward force on premiums benefiting all exchange consumers.

Consumers will have the benefit of both market choice and cost savings under KeystoneCare’s qualified health plans which will not reject pre-existing conditions and cover all ten essential health benefits.

SOURCE – news release


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