Monday news items, part 2 [heat makes you lethargic?, short-term rentals, lock-box conversations, go to Helsinki & more] – 7/16/2018

The global “debt bomb” | “The numbers are so large as to be almost incomprehensible.”The Washington Post

“‘Not welcome’ |Finnish protesters criticise Trump-Putin summit”The Guardian

“Heat Making You Lethargic? | Research Shows It Can Slow Your Brain, Too”NPR

“example of government overreach” | Six months ago, Lower Macungie Township was still in a struggle about Lock Boxes / Knox Boxes even though the township enacted legislation in 2009.

Township Newsletter with ads | Lower Macungie Township’s newsletter to residents pays for itself with advertising.

The township’s also got a Public Notices Webpage that shows

  • Employment
  • Bid & Request for Proposal Notices
  • General Public Notices

And video recording of its township supervisors’ meetings are streamed to Youtube.

At last week’s Borough Council meeting, a resident introduced his concerns about “short-term rentals.” Here’s an article, “Are Short-Term Rentals Permitted In Your Neighborhood?”, from the Lancaster Law Blog.

new visions expoSOURCE: submitted

BBBB - St. Peter 8 1-2 x 11

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