Saturday’s news items [police activities; parsley munchers & more] – 7/21/2018

Columbia Police Department’s busy schedule includes:

“Invitation to River Park Phase III Community Meeting on 7/25/18”Columbia Borough Website


“Shhh … I Make More than My HusbandSpouses Report Earnings Differently When Wives Earn More”US Census Bureau

Expressly for Mr. D | “Warming, not cooling, causes ‘brain freeze'” – Futurity

“No winner in Mega Millions as prize surges to $493 million” – ABC News

When money is no objective | Trump’s parade – CNN

In Rohrerstown | “Louis’ Family Restaurant closes”Lancaster Online

lancaster online screen shot“Screen shot of part of a Lancaster Online article that generated this reader comment: “So, besides posting the wrong investigating police department, writer Lindsey Blest also stated this…..”The woman fell and hit her DEAD on a door jamb”. Great reporting LNP.”

parsley munchersThe critters have returned; this year we planted more parsley just for them. Above is a young ‘un on one leaf and a bigger version on another.

Last year, we posted this:


We’ve bought into this advice in this article, “Me, I would just plant a few more parsley, dill or whatever the insects are feeding on. Healthy plants will usually recover from the foliage loss and parsley worms will not sting or bite humans.”

“Simple Strategies to Deal with Garden Pests, Diseases”Penn State Extension




  1. Sadly, I had to alert Chad Umble to a mistake in an article that he wrote for LNP. Two different cases were mixed up within the article. He did thank me and corrected the mistake. Prior to that there was a mistake in the title of an LNP staff article and again, I sent an email and the correction was made. Basic mistakes are happening in nearly every article. If a reader glancing through can pick it out immediately why aren’t the paid staff catching these blatant errors?

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