Monday’s news items [rainy days; intransigence; scams & letters to the editor] – 7/23/2018

In Hellam Township | “New dad killed after defending black man from slurs at York County bar”WITF

“30+ Paces to visit on rainy days in Lancaster Counry”Frugal Lancaster

WEEK OF RAIN.jpg“An upper low will bring copious amounts of moisture across the East Coast …” – Read more here.

“Former Penn St women’s hoops coach Rene Portland dies at 65” The State

The $31 million dollar man | Saquon Penn Live

remarkable intransigence; remember this in November | “In the aftermath of Helsinki, there has been outcry, but no real action, from the Republican establishment.”The New Yorker

OMG, what will it take! | PA representative says POTUS was manipulated by PutinNPR

“An arms race for the truthThe universe of people trying to deceive journalists keeps expanding” Nieman Lab

“The press is the only industry in America with its own line in the Constitution and the First Amendment, and what you’re considering today is a very unusual case that brings into conflict two principles that are important to the establishment of the country.” – US Senator Angus King comment in this article about the tariff on newsprint.


No $HIT, Sherlock | “The President’s blindness to Putin’s hostile acts against the United States and our allies — election meddling included — is very troubling.” – Quote from US Senator Pat Toomey in his This Week in Washington newsletter. 

5 summer scams to avoid” – Kim Kommando

“Prevention board educates seniors, students about medication safety.”WITF

“In the Parkland School District, most security discussions already took place behind closed doors, Superintendent Richard Snisack said” in this article about schools getting protection to hold closed door sessions to “discuss security.” – The Morning Call

A letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster praises Coatesville’s Police Department’s community policing model in which “Officers seek to build relationships with the people they serve and make themselves transparent and available regularly.” The writer continues, “On the Lancaster city police Facebook page, there is a litany of arrests and warrants. By comparison, the Coatesville police Facebook page features stories of people and businesses in the community.”

irish flag

Another letter writer sends a summons to the “nearly 40 million Irish descendants” in the US to “Please stop the ‘rot’ that is taking place” in the US and get out to vote the incumbents who are ruining this country.

26 music


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