Saturday’s news items, part 2 [crepes; evangelical crap & collapse] – 7/28/2018

fake news says idiot in chief The Washington Post

When you’re guilty, bail | Cardinal flies away – The Guardian


Great choice | Several years ago, Rachel’s had a food truck on The Bridge during a Bridge Bust Event. Today, and a few venues later, Rachel’s is having great success and is recognized in the Penn Live “8 best places for crepes in central Pennsylvania.”

Get ready in case of US collapse| “FROM RICHES TO RAGS – Venezuelans become Latin America’s new underclass.” The Washington Post

That was then; this is now | “Currently, 91% of Venezuelan families live below the poverty line, and 65% of families face extreme poverty.”Today Venezuela

There, too | “Venezuela Just Moved One Step Closer To Authoritarianism”Today Venezuela

Faster & better | “What is 5G and what will it mean for you?”BBC


Hypocracy! How do evangelicals justify? | “How Donald Trump has already broken all 10 Commandments”The Times of Israel

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