Sunday’s news items, part 2 [paywalls, bobbleheadedness, new species & more] – 7/29/2018

lnp phone message

Joining some other newspapers across the US, Lancaster Online now charges for news access. In this opinion column, publisher Robert Krasne announces:

“We will, however, begin charging for our journalism regardless of how you get it. The reporting from our newsroom requires journalists to write, review and disseminate. Just as people pay for subscriptions to our printed product, you will be asked to pay for our journalism distributed in digital form.

“Our print subscribers will be able to access our suite of digital products, including our website, digital replica edition and electronic newsletters as an additional value.

“Those who do not subscribe to our printed newspapers will be asked either to subscribe to our newspaper or purchase a digital subscription that will provide them with access to all of LNP and LancasterOnline’s digital products.

“By making this change, we are taking steps to make sure that we will be a vibrant and vital source of news and information to Lancaster County for decades to come.”

The York Daily Record‘s offer:ydr offer

In Centerville | Bank robberyFOX43-TV

Openings and “anticipated openings” with the Columbia Borough School District.

Employment notices with Columbia Borough.

bird of paradiseA new species

Smiling bobblehead | “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has proposed rules that would make it harder for college students who have been defrauded to get their federal loans erased.”Newsy

“What research says about how bad information spreads online” – Journalist’s Resource

young & naive, maybebut they can vote | It’s time to vote out the old white men who’ve done nothing recently to improve this nation. – The York Daily Record/Sunday News

Remember this? | “Prince Charles and Lady Diana wed on July 29, 1981”Penn Live

 ’cause it goes on practically everything | “A brief history of ketchup” – The Conversation

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III crapola “Sanctimonious, sensitive, supercilious snowflakes”NPR

Sessions | The White House view & another view


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