News from other places [Potter County racism, spy nation, cats purring, outercourse & more] – 7/29/2018

Spy nation | Just like all despotic nations, the “TSA is tracking regular travelers like terrorists in secret surveillance program – Air marshals have surveilled thousands as they fly and move through airports, and some say the program might be illegal.” – The Boston Globe

hows that working

Yeah, let’s see how that works out | “New Veterans Affairs chief plans to reassign, sideline Trump loyalists now in power” – The Washington Post

Potter County racism | “How white supremacists split a quiet Rust Belt town”The Washington Post

Outercourse, of course? | That’s what he’s saying.The New York Times

In Allentown | “South Whitehall police officer shoots, kills man on Hamilton Boulevard, DA confirms”The Morning Call [Video, too]

‘No land for love or money’ | how gentrification hit the Mennonites The Guardian

Column | “Almost 80% of US workers live from paycheck to paycheck.”The Guardian

cat purr

It’s not always contentment | “Our cats may purr when we pet and tickle them, but it’s a much more complicated form of communication than we’ve assumed.” – BBC


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