Monday’s news items [scenes seen, bully tactics, intimidation, more rain & more] – 7/30/2018

Here we go again | idiot in charge threatens government shutdownThe Washington Post

The bloom is off the rose | “Koch group condemns ‘divisiveness’ and ‘lack of leadership’ in Washington” The Washington Post

bullyBully: Zach Ward as the yellow-eyed Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story.

Negotiating with a bully | Surely everyone’s recognized it by now. When dealing with the great (in his own mind) negotiator, everyone’s dealing with a bully. A whiny, spoiled child, a flaming jerk, a bully. An  “It’s my ball, and I write the rules” childhood acquaintance. The Accidental Negotiator has this advice: Dealing With People Who Intimidate During A Negotiation.

Others offer similar advice: Negotiation Examples: Diffusing Intimidating Tactics

A hold-up | “Contractor wants more time, money for I-83 Mount Rose project” – The York Dispatch


Bw-a-a-h-h, I’m taking my ball and going home | In Middletown, the elected public servants didn’t like the news coverage it felt it was getting from the local newspaper, The Press & Journal, so it decided to punish local journalism.

But Middletown Borough does video and stream its meetings | Here’s the July 9 meeting.

Though it’s disappointing that the June 19 meeting is not tagged with a VIEW AGAIN icon. 

The rain in Spain, here too, again Pretty much a soggy week ahead 

Not here | “Bucknell removes from website all references to alumnus Les Moonves” Penn Live


Manor Township’s got a facebook page for the Manor Township Enola Low Grade Rail Trail.

eagleLove this picture from the facebook page. Pretty certain several flew overhead on Sunday, too.

national health center Facebook-Header_English

Columbia’s Family First Health is a federally qualified health center.

Who wants a jerk for a father-in-law? |#12 didn’tThe Boston Globe

“Pennsylvania man convicted in death of daughter from bullet that hit him first”The Guardian


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