Friday’s evening news items [trolley back on track, beer and wine at Turkey Hill & more] – 8/3/2018

Police charge man with trying to solicit sex from someone posing as 15-year-old | Authorities say they don’t condone the actions of the civilian who pretended to be a teen to lure in the suspect.”WGAL-TV8

“Columbia man charged with attempt to solicit sex from 15-year-old girl”CrimeWatch


predatolr vigalanteHere’s the vigilante’s facebook page.


But what if POTUS doesn’t care | “This trait can tell you who’s really trustworthy”Futurity

Beer and Wine Sales Begin at Turkey Hill on Prospect Road, Columbia” –  Mountville and Columbia residents and visitors now have a convenient new option when they want to shop for beer or wine: the Turkey Hill store at 1199 Prospect Road. The store is the eighth Turkey Hill Minit Markets location in Pennsylvania to begin beer and wine sales.

“Featuring a variety of domestic and imported beer labels as well as Pennsylvania wines, the new beverage offering at the Prospect Road Turkey Hill complements the store’s full foodservice kitchen, with its extensive menu of freshly prepared meal, side order, and snack items. By navigating through the store’s user-friendly touch screens, customers can tailor orders to their personal preferences as they select from a tasty lineup of burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps, pizza, and more.

“’After several successful launches in other regions of Pennsylvania, we’re excited to now put the spotlight on a beer and wine debut near Turkey Hill’s corporate home here in Lancaster County,’ said Kim Hoffert, Public Relations Manager. “’Checking out our new beer and wine selection on Prospect Road also gives customers a great chance to look at some of the new choices on our foodservice menu, for those who haven’t had a chance to do so yet.”’

“Turkey Hill is also preparing other select stores across Pennsylvania for beer and wine sales, with additional launch announcements expected in the near future.” – news release



  1. I’ll go far out on a limb here; saw it off if you want. I’m not sure I see where the crime is here (Columbia man charged.) it seems to me he is being charged for his intentions. The thought police are in control.

  2. LIP News has a few articles about this incident as well; the whole thing is too curious.

    and this is Pennsylvania’s statute on entrapment:

    Title 18
    § 313. Entrapment.

    (a) General rule.–A public law enforcement official or a person acting in cooperation with such an official perpetrates an entrapment if for the purpose of obtaining evidence of the commission of an offense, he induces or encourages another person to engage in conduct constituting such offense by either:

    (1) making knowingly false representations designed to induce the belief that such conduct is not prohibited; or

    (2) employing methods of persuasion or inducement which create a substantial risk that such an offense will be committed by persons other than those who are ready to commit it.

    (b) Burden of proof.–Except as provided in subsection (c) of this section, a person prosecuted for an offense shall be acquitted if he proves by a preponderance of evidence that his conduct occurred in response to an entrapment.

    (c) Exception.–The defense afforded by this section is unavailable when causing or threatening bodily injury is an element of the offense charged and the prosecution is based on conduct causing or threatening such injury to a person other than the person perpetrating the entrapment.

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