Saturday’s news items [vigilantism backfire; firefighter burnout & pirate’s creed], 8/4/2018

The vigilante who may have contributed to the entrapment of the former member of a Columbia Fire Department has also been charged with “Child Pornography and Criminal Use Of Communication Facility.” If you have access, there’s an article at Lancaster Online.

The vigilante’s coarse “mea culpa” video is here –  (

Check out his past deeds here


“Firefighter burnout and workplace safety” US Fire Administration

63.350.201.19.21“‘Gentlemen, to bed!’ An 1888 illustration of Captain Bartholomew Roberts –  via Wikimedia Commons”

Oh, if only the thieves and ne’er-do-wells in Wonderland and Harrisburg were pirates! | ” … pirates were a striking example of the way government and societies form. In fact, there was there was more than honor among thieves — there was discipline, order, and a strict social code governing them.” –

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