Saturday’s news items, part 2 [just right; mayfly solution?, just lie and it’ll go away & more] – 8/4/2018

LEGAL NOTICE at Lancaster Online | Columbia borough Review and Appeals Board structure will be discussed at the next Council Meeting on August 13. This notice IS POSTED at the Borough Website.


Just right; Goldilocks may have been right! | “Both abstinence and heavy drinking could increase dementia risk, study says”The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Website

Remember when the folks we looked up to were cops and priests? | “Church leaders pressured victims, cops over abuse: report”Penn Live

For a racist, everyone’s a target | “Donald Trump has attacked basketball superstar LeBron James in a late night Twitter rant”The Guardian

Is it a “necessary lie?” | “Is Lying Ever Right?”

Can we all get along? | An article in today’s LNP | Always Lancaster (and Lancaster Online) is about Wrightsville Borough Council President Eric White’s hatching a plan to get a Millersville professor’s assistance to “to collect data on mayflies and suggest viable, environmentally sound solutions to the bridge’s mayfly problem.” White also wants Columbia to help pay for the study. Columbia’s mayor said, “We’d have to discuss it.”

hide it

Shameful! Let’s not tell them and it’ll go away! | ” … church leaders in every part of the state ‘brushed aside’ victim complaints to prevent scandals– KDKA Channel 2

There’s certainly a boatload of diverse opinions in the letters-to-the-editor in publications every. Here’s a sentiment from one in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:

The present Congress wants to pay for the tax cuts by reducing Social Security and Medicare. Personally, I’d prefer to have Medicare for all and keep my Social Security instead of spending that money on a $15 to $25 billion wall and more tax cuts for the rich.”

Not hard to understand. | In this article, “New Pew survey looks at why Americans go or don’t go to church services”,  we find people go to church “so that their children will have a moral foundation.” Maybe that’s the dilemma, just look at the moral foundation of today’s Catholic leaders and the evangelical Christians. 

Bribes and kickbacks at the PLCB | “Former PLCB director sentenced to probation, house arrest”Central Penn Business Journal

Does he go to jail? | Nah, steals from everyone in the state, but no jail time. Unlike the forsaken former Columbia firefighter, he does not go to jail.

OPINION | Without immigrants, “America is sacrificing the future”The Washington Post


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