Harrisburg Diocese adds to the list of shame

More priests with Columbia connections added to the “DIOCESE OF HARRISBURG LIST OF CLERGY & SEMINARIANS ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD” include John Herber, Thomas Lawler, James Shaughnessy, John Suknaic and James Vecera, according to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.


Of course, each of these has died and cannot offer a defense to the claims and charges now. What is fully disturbing is that the leadership of the church did not act when it knew of the charges.

What took so long? Are there only followers in the Catholic Church? | “Pittsburgh bishop says he’d release names of accused clergy”CruxNow

we need the church

This is as bad as the “Swamp.” Maybe worse! | “Victims recount sexual abuse horrors in Chilean seminary” CruxNow

12-year old boy with this older man: “It was my first introduction to massages.” | “FOX43 Investigates: Survivor details priest abuse, accused priest shares his side (Part One)”FOX43-TV

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