Wednesday’s news items – [trust; ethical leadership (or the lack of); Lititz K-9 return; confused about recycling? & more] -8/8/2018

Columbia Police Department’s facebook page is filled with “Found Dogs.”

“Kroger explores sale of Turkey Hill Dairy business”Reuters

“Lititz Police receive approval to reintroduce K9 program” FOX43-TV

DNR trust image

Who do you trust? | “Trust, misinformation, and the declining use of social media for news: Digital News Report 2018”

Transparency in government | Editorial: “If Pennsylvania judges are going to dine on the taxpayer dime, their spending shouldn’t be cloaked in secrecy”Lancaster Online

Remember this post from a few weeks ago: “In Allentown | “South Whitehall police officer shoots, kills man on Hamilton Boulevard, DA confirms” – The Morning Call [Video, too]” | Now the officer is charged with manslaughter. The Morning Call

Township should get ready for law suit“South Whitehall officer charged in shooting said he thought he ‘f—ed up’, ‘didn’t know what to do’, court docs say” The Morning Call

Only 66.7 percent of 2017 high-school graduates ages 16 to 24 enrolled in colleges or universities last fall. And many of those students who do enroll aren’t headed to residential campuses at all: they will attend community colleges, where only about 36 percent will graduate within six years.” – The Hechinger Report

POTUS “Fake News” | “President Trump seems to think California doesn’t have enough water to fight its current wildfires. But that’s not the case.”Newsy

It’s a family affair | SIL regularly deleted news he didn’t like (That’s son-in-law of the oligarch in charge) – BuzzFeedNews

“Another Use for Drones: Investigating Car Wrecks”Route Fifty

If you’re in charge, lead ETHICALLY! A Lancaster Online article says, there’s been a lawsuit filed against the “Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg and a defrocked priest with ties to a Lancaster parish alleges a pattern of sexual abuse and a lack of action by church leaders.”

Confused about recent recycling info? | Here’s Lancaster County’s Solid Waste Management Authority’s Guide

What’s so tough about sharing information quickly in the digital era? | An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster says this: An English and Spanish language “’Civilian Complaint Guide’  will be available as fillable PDFs on the department’s website, hopefully within a few days, (Chief Jarrad Berkihiser) said.” at a city council meeting.

What about the rest of us? | “PPL: Lehigh Valley customers won’t see rate hike through 2020”The Morning Call


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