Tuesday’s news items [Movies under the stars; what can we recycle; arrents & more] – 8/14/2018

Of the 20 or so persons at last night’s council meeting that convened at 7:06 pm and ended at 9:06 pm, only 10 were citizens. In the assembly were media, borough employees, clergy and few others with special attachments to government. Two of the citizens brought up the situation of airBnB-like properties operating in the borough. One home-owner citizen cited a property across the street from her home that has different “non-related” persons occupying the house every weekend, it seems.

The borough is in the process of studying and adopting an ordinance about these short-term rentals.

shortterm rentals

“Here’s 12 Examples of Short Term Rental Regulations”EfficientGov.com

and here’s a yesterday article about how Chicago just began addressing this from The Chicago Tribune.

Citizen Mary Wickenheiser strongly noted last night that the Borough’s Comprehensive Plan is badly out-dated and needs to be re-done. According to this LEGAL NOTICE, “Notice is hereby given that the Columbia Borough Planning Commission will conduct work sessions from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm for revisions of the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance and any other business before the regularly scheduled meeting on 6/26/18, 7/24/18, 8/28/18, 9/25/18, 10/23/18, 11/27/18 & 12/17/18.  If you are a person with a disability wishing to attend and require an accommodation to participate in the meeting, please contact the Borough Office at 684-2467.”


peter rabbitFriday Night Columbia’s “Movies under the stars” | Friday, August 17th – Locust St. Park Music by “Underground Hotel” 6:30-8:15. Followed by “Peter Rabbit” plus EDIBLE CLASSROOM ACTIVITY FOR KIDS!

cpd logo

LOITERING/PROWLING — MULTIPLE WARRANTS FRAUD – DOOR TO DOOR COLLECTION FOR BASKETBALL ORGANIZATION — THEFT FROM A BUILDING — THEFT FROM A VEHICLE — ANIMAL COMPLAINT/STRAY ANIMAL | Just some of the criminal activities the Columbia Borough Police Department dealt with yesterday. – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page.

Confused about what you’ve been hearing about recycling? | “Here’s what the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority says we can recycle: What Can Be Recycled? Only these materials can be recycled. Think of them as the ‘Big 4’. Everything else should be placed in your trash. If you aren’t sure, remember this phrase: ‘When in doubt, throw it out!’ LCSWMA will transform discarded waste into renewable energy.


psu prof letterAnother letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

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