Tuesday’s news items [Champions; economic development lie; meaningless words & more] – 8/21/2018

“Champions” | Lancaster Online‘s article about Columbia’s first day of school. “I think we have the best administrative team that we’ve had in the 20 years I’ve been associated with the district,” said Superintendent Tom Strickler in the article.

free parkingSOURCE: Airbnb.com


A CrimeWatch moment | “Disorderly Conduct Arrest, 12:47 p.m., Thursday, July 26, 2018, 1416 Lititz Pike – Firestone (MT) – Paige Mary Miller, F/20, of Columbia, PA, was charged … – Manheim Township Crime Watch

RWNJ comment -| A regular letter writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster wants policing the old-fashioned way: with no oversight … and no diversity.

1 million percent inflation rate | Yep, in today’s VenezuelaThe Los Angeles Times

Lifelong Learners program “Can I Trust the Internet?”Milanof-Schock Library, 1184 Anderson Ferry Road, Mount Joy, will offer the Lifelong Learners program “Can I Trust the Internet?” at 10:30 a.m. Monday. It will be an open forum for questions about surfing the Internet. Information or to register: 717-653-1510.

econ dev

Economic Development exploded | Using language endorsed by the Wizard in Wonderland, John Oliver’s insightful look at the folly of economic development is a 15-minute clip worth watching to look at the often ZERO-RETURN BS called economic development.

Oh, no | Thousands of dollars stolen from a fire company social club in Lebanon County.FOX43-TV [More mismanagement of cash in 501 (c) 3 operations.]

SNAP | “We are SNAP, the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious and institutional authorities (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns, coaches, teachers, and others).”

Meaningless words | Survivor says Pope’s words are meaningless.

Starts with one | “Calls to Pennsylvania attorney general’s sex abuse hotline continue to surge”The Morning Call

“Stop funding their crap!” sends a message | Man encourages “people to stop giving money to their diocese,which oversees the network of churches in an area, but to keep supporting their local parish and tell their priest and bishop what they’re doing.” – The Lebanon Daily News

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