Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [told ya’; website & more] – 8/22/2018

swamp ratsSwamp rats

“For a president who campaigned on a platform of ‘drain the swamp’ and ‘lock her up,’ Tuesday provided a moment of reckoning that could put his administration in league with Nixon’s for the level of scandal that surrounds it.” – The Los Angeles Times

vote them out

OPINION | There’s an election coming. It can be a day of reckoning. Time to vote out all those elected public servants (Smucker, Toomey, Scott Martin and some of the other ones in Harrisburg, et. al.) who’ve been blindly obedient to the insanity that’s been prevalent in the halls of Congress.

The slime in Wonderland | Campaign funds paid for “$600 airline ticket for a pet rabbit.”The New York Times

“Walking to work and cutting back on meals | Life in the time of hyperinflation in Venezuela”  The Los Angeles Times

Sex, money, power | “Former George Mason professor accused of sexual harassment is now facing embezzlement charges”The Washington Post

LIP News article dont want to pay


Seen this site | Unsure who operates it, but the reddit-like site seems to be replicating LNP – Always Lancaster articles.

On the topic of reddit; here’s a graphic we just saw. And like.redit post

The fine art of dying  Time Goes By | What it’s really like to grow old


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